Howard’s adds Nuisance Wildlife Control to Service Agreements

Howard’s is now authorized by the PA Game Commission to take care of nuisance wildlife. Trust Howard’s to handle your wildlife pest problems in a humane manner. Call us for:

  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Groundhogs
  • Opossums
  • Squirrels

We also can help with Bat infestations. Howard’s offers expert help in sealing out Bats and we stock a variety of Bat Houses to keep these beneficial animals close but outside your house.

Call today to add this protection to your service agreement.

National & PA Pest Management Associations

Howard’s Exterminating Service is now a member of both National and Pennsylvania Pest Management Associations. This gives Howard’s access to the best in update training available. We continue to strive to be professional bringing the most up to date treatment methods to our valued customers.

Pest Control Products

About ActiveGuard

ActiveGuardTM mattress liners were originally developed in an effort to create an easier and more effective alternative to encasements and a more accurate and longer lasting alternative to sprays and powders for control of dust mites and their allergens. After extensive testing and field trials, ActiveGuard has proven to be an effective tool for bed bugs.

Simply install ActiveGuard over your mattress or box spring like a fitted sheet – no more wrestling with an encasement. ActiveGuard’s scientifically impregnated material starts killing house dust mites in your mattress and continues to guard your mattress for up to two years. ActiveGuard also kills bed bugs in mattresses and box springs and has the potential to kill new bed bugs before an infestation can get established. No other product can handle both bed bugs and house dust mites at the same time and with the same long term efficacy.

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