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Howard’s can help. We offer the following services to fit your needs.

Termite Control: Howard’s can eliminate any subterranean termite problem you have. We offer competitive pricing for Treatments, WDI reports and Baiting Programs.

Residential: We can customize a treatment program to fit your needs. Quarterly, Three times per year, Two times per year, One time service, Monthly, Every other month.

Commercial:   Howard’s Exterminating offers programs that will fit into your schedule. Restaurants, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Property Management Companies, Movie theaters, just to name a few. Interior and Exterior treatments for spiders, wasps, rodents, roaches, stinkbugs, centipedes, fleas, bedbugs and so much more.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal: We are a for profit business, that can help assist you in removing your unwanted guest. Weather that be groundhogs, skunks, raccoon’s, snakes, birds, squirrels, opossums, rabbits, chipmunks,  voles, moles, shrews, and bats.

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