Bed Bugs

Who hasn’t seen Network or Local newscasts telling of bed bug problems. Homes , businesses, even national institutions have had to work to get rid of these pests.  Please do not try  to treat bed bugs on your own.  There are do it yourself products and even kits that promise “the cure”.   Also don’t expect a pest control professional to get rid of them without your involvement.  The home or business owner and the exterminator need to work together to get complete elimination.

The first step is to call Howard’s and set up a free evaluation.  Do not expect prices over the phone for bed bugs and do not trust anyone who gives a quote without a thorough inspection. 

Please call if you notice any of the following:

  • Small black marks about the size of this bullet cause by bed bug excrement.
  • Eggs and shells which are about 1mm and white in color
  • Skins that the young shed as they grow
  • Red stains on the bed sheets or mattresses caused by crushed bugs
  • Live bed bugs

If you are staying away from home and see any of these  extra precautions need to be taken.  See our products page for inexpensive ways to make sure you do not bring bed bugs home from your travels or from your student’s travels.       

Bedbugs in hiding in bedding